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A town in chicago that is full of hillbillys who live in trailers. They have many town bumbs, one of whichs name is Fred Morris who is a sex offeder. One of the main places to chill at is the "Agg Hill" it is a pretty fun place. Mount Greenwood people have fun dipping, hanging out in alleys, and getting wasted. Last year at the Agg Hill there was an event known as the "black attack" where a girl called black people who live in the projects on us to beat the shit out of us. Some of us fought back and some got held up. They ran away. Everyone called the cops while others called older brothers and older reletives to brawl them. It became the summer of 07's biggest event. The best eating place is Bennys Pizza but the hillbillys changed it to Wiseguys and it now sucks.
I partied in Mount Greenwood yesturday and it was gnarly becasue we got crunk,rocked out and fought the black kids.
by Seany O'brien June 28, 2008
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