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What you feel like and taste like in the morning when you wake up after taking too many benzodiazepines the night before. Benzodiazepines are an ingenious class of psychoactives that will put the most nervous, paranoid, and otherwise freaked out bitch's mind at total ease. They gained a really bad rap (one they mostly didn’t deserve) in the 1990s but they are making a comeback among many prescribing psychiatrists and G.P.s who have said "fuck the band wagon" and determined for them selves that these are good drugs. Benzos include: (Valium, Ativan, Librium, Klonopin, Xanax, Halcion, Serax et cetera.

The feeing of being benzo-burnt is very unpleasant and is quite hard to describe to someone who hasn't experienced it, but one notable aspect is a distinctive metallic taste in the mouth that lasts for several hours (depending on how much you took the previous night). Interestingly, the exact taste is unique for each benzodiazepine, with Klonopin and Ativan producing the strongest and most unpleasant of all.
I feel so benzo-burnt! Uhh why won't this taste go away? I'm never taking more than 2mg of Klonopin in a single setting again.
by Seantae-4 the Dr. Dick June 21, 2007
Sapphic ALWAYS refers to lesbian homosexuality in particular (never male) and also always refers to Fem-Fem lesbianism. Also, very importantly, implies some sort of witchcraft is involved. From Sappho, who was poetess of the Isle of Lesbos (600 BC). Thus, some understanding of Greek mythology is required to truly understand why the word means this.

Also, Sapphic engagements tend to always involve young (29 or younger- usually below 23) and beautiful girls that are untainted and have few, if any tattoos or piercings (unless they are totally attractive and symbolize their witchcraft or their allegiance with the dark side). The may have crazy dyed hair colors like blue if they are otherwise completely young and gorgeous.
Thus, they are definitely not like most real lesbians we are used to seeing, and are in fact, largely mythological. A fat T-primed bull dyke fingering her hairy-legged snagletoed friend named Zoë is absolutely not Sapphic

For some strange and unexplainable reason, (probably cosmic in nature), girls named Nina or Ninah, or any spelling of that name tend to be roommates with Sapphic sluts
The lesbians in "Four Rooms" are the perfect example of what Sapphic means.

Ninah, it doesn't surprise me at all that you're roommate is a Sapphic slut: no true nymphomaniac can ever be entirely satisfied with the dick alone
by Seantae-4 the Dr. Dick June 19, 2007

Actually this word has an important definition. Shploink is the characteristic sound made when a drop of water falls from a stalagmite. Along with blep, blip, and bloop, the shploink sound is often made (in a very high pitched, false octave) between two male, heterosexual men at a bar when they observe a true fox that looks or acts extremely prudish, and they want to communicate to each other (but on the down low) that they would like to knock the stalagmites off her pussy
Sean and Jacoby are at a bar:
Stupafine girl in a green dress walks by who appears to be too good for all men, and also acts like she is a nun and she is completely uninterested in anyone except J.C.O.L.A.S. and her family:

Sean: blep.. blip.. bloop.. bloop…

Jacoby: Shploink!
by Seantae-4 the Dr. Dick June 19, 2007
a stone baby, the rare result of a late, spontaneously terminated ectopic pregnancy where the fetus becomes calcified. Thought to be, in large part, due to the body's need to prevent host vs. graft disease and the clinical pathology that GVHD might entail

also, used to describe someone way beneath you, especially when the person is of normal quality but you are the absolute shit
You remember lee ann, that fat bitch that always said she was pregnant? She actually had a lithopedion inside her all those years.

You're all lithopedions compared to me
by Seantae-4 the Dr. Dick June 15, 2007

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