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the act of getting pyhsical exercis from having sex
I've lost five pounds this week from all that sexercise
by Sean Weston October 09, 2003
a person that is very good and know a lot about sex.
That lady on the Sunday Night Sex Show is a sexpert.
by Sean Weston October 09, 2003
-sexy in a wonderful way
-beutifully sexy
see also: sexquisite; sexellent
Good Lord! Your grandma is sextravagent when she is naked.

I'd do her.
by Sean Weston September 23, 2003
to become super awsome at sex
She is sexcelling in bed
by Sean Weston October 09, 2003
to exaggerate the sweetness a sexual experience
he was sexaggerating his sex story of him on the plane.
by Sean Weston October 09, 2003
adj 1.beutifully sexy; very sexy
See also: Sexellent
Damn, I bet that like 60 years ago your grandmohter was sexquisite. What am I talking about, she is sexquisite now. Look at that ass! P.S.: Aja is sexquisite!
by Sean Weston September 22, 2003
very excited about sex

see also- sexcites
your awsome ass makes me sexcited
by Sean Weston October 09, 2003

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