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It can mean whatever you want as it is used in many situations.

It is most commonly used when a person is annoyed or disagrees but can be used to agree and insult and whatnot.
Guy1: I want some Kool-Aid.
Guy2: Pssht, that shit is amazing.
Guy1: Pssht yeah it is!

Guy1: What's up man wanna go hang out?
Guy2: Pssht. (walks away)
Guy1: Pssht.
by Sean W D June 10, 2009
A word that separates the douches from the normal crowd.
Douche: I'm a hella big douche because I use the word hella!
by Sean W D June 29, 2009
A douchy word that is used as a plural form for the word person when everyone knows that the word "people" is the plural form of person.
Student: ... And all the persons in that village died a horrible death.
Teacher:Please just use the fucking word "people" god damn
by Sean W D June 20, 2009

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