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A shortened verbal version of "IRA" (Irish Republican Army), used predominantly in the north of Ireland.
"Up the RA!"

"His son joined the RA."
by Sean Tracey May 01, 2005
A three-litre bottle of cider. Most commonly used in Belfast, Ireland.

In Ireland, the old British police and army stations are often called barracks, and the idea was that the Irish used to fill massive bottles up with petrol, light them, and throw them at these British barracks, effectively "busting" the barracks.

So now, a 3l bottle of cidre, due to its size and volume, is now provisionally known as a 'barrack-buster.'
"What did you get?"

"Just two barrack-busters."

"Ah right."
by Sean Tracey May 01, 2005
Cockney rhyming slang for "hole" - ie., anus.
"Yeah, work that up your jam roll!"
by Sean Tracey May 02, 2005
An alternative for "shit" in expletives.

Extremely effective in a Dublin accent - "shoyster!"
"Ah schiester! The fuckin' wheel came off!"
by Sean Tracey May 01, 2005
1. A useless/embarrassing/stupid/unpopular individual, used exclusively in Ireland.

2. A penis
"He's such a fuckin' walt these days."

"Pull my walt!"
by Sean Tracey May 01, 2005
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