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The charity event every year, which gets its name from another event MOVEMBER, in which men go the whole month of NOVEMBER without shaving their mostache, get sponsored by family and friends, and collect money for charity.

EMOvember differs slighlty from this, and involves EMO's going the whole month without cutting themselves, and they are sponsored and collect money for charity.
"Derek is an EMO. He is going to raise money for charity this NOVEMBER, by going the whole month without cutting himself and if he is successful, friends and family whom are sponsoring him will donate money - hence EMOvember"
by Sean Springs November 02, 2009
Comes from the name of the Channel Nine News Reader in South Australia Kelly Nester, and is rhyming slang with "molest her" or "molest 'er".
You are with a friend on the street and you see a hot lady walk past. You say to your friend "Check her out - I'd give her the old Kelly Nester". To which he'd reply "Kelly Nester?" And you'd say "Yeah - Kelly Nester - love to molest her."
by Sean Springs November 10, 2009
An expression you would use if you would like to express your wanting to have sexual relations with a lady. Comes from the name "Scott Draper" the famous Australian tennis player, and is meant to be rhyming slang with "rape her" or "rape 'er".
For exmple, you might say to your friend, "check out that girl, I'd give her the old Scott Draper!", to which he'd say "Scott Draper?", and you 'd say, yeah "Scott Draper - love to rape 'er".
by Sean Springs July 31, 2007

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