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1. An expression, when something happens (person, place or thing) but it's underneath your expectations you would say, "Chundler!"
Man, I can't believe how bad that food was, that resteraunt was such a Chundler!
Man, did you see Billy's new car? He is such a Chundler!
Man, did you see Tom's girlfriend? She is such a Chundler!
by Sean Sizemore November 17, 2007
1. A slimy or grotesque person that is under the impression that they are smooth.
2. A scrondel is a ghetto-like overweight woman with cornrow hair and a FUPA.
"Look at that girl over there she's such a scrondel!"
by Sean Sizemore November 16, 2007
1. A Trunch-Master is a hillbilly type person who possess an overbite, pants that are at least three sizes too big for them, and are worn at least three inches under their waste line with the assumption that they are being worn correctly.
"Billy Bob is such a Trunch-Master!"
by Sean Sizemore November 16, 2007

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