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An exclamation of pure, unstained happiness. Typically used in exuberation after one gets a girl's number or scores well on a test. Or, in our case, to make someone laugh.
I look at Adam's face when ye says hoo-hooyea! and my brain leaks out of my nose alittle im so happy.
by Sean Parsons December 08, 2004
Breed of christmas tree sold only at one tree stand in the world. i own that stand. Tree is actually called Conch color, but the ghetto Trentonians find it funny when a stupid goofy afro-clad white boy talks about Johnny Cochran.
Me: Here, ma'am, this tree smells like oranges and its needles never fall off!

Some lady from trenton who came in a 76 AMC Gremlin: OOHAHAHA did you here that, Terrance? that boy said cochran!
by Sean Parsons December 08, 2004
a flagrant liar who has a nice body but is really pale. looks like a creamsaver.
god look at wojo...shes such a liar...but i wanna see her boobs...mmm volleyball
by Sean Parsons December 08, 2004

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