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Another term for "you suck", it means to choke on a cock, not just suck it.
Dude! You choke at this fucking game.
by Sean McAlevey June 13, 2008
almost the same as sex panther. It is also made by Odeon except this type of cologne smells differently, more like (instead of big foots dick) big foots asshole.
Dude 1: Dude, is that the cologne from the Anchorman? You know... sex panther.
Dude 2: No, its similar, but yet different, its called sex tiger, it attracts twice as many babes.
Dude 1: Oh yeah, and how exactly does that work?
Dude 2: It works as a magnet and attracts poon tang to the awful smell.
Dude 1: And why does that awful smell attract poon?
Dude 2: Dude, i don't fucking know or care, i just wear the shit.
by Sean McAlevey June 13, 2008
A short, large-fore-headed, knife wielding, bow-haired, unbalanced ratio for arms to arms and legs to legs, potato sack wearing person. Usually mongoloids have facial lacerations, messed up eyes (called mongoloid eyes), crawl instead of walk, and are just scary as hell to deal with.
Dude I just saw this fucking mongoloid looking at me, it was staring at me! Freaked the shit out of me.
by Sean McAlevey June 13, 2008
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