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Bulk is the scrotum and skull is the penis. This is a reference to the "comedic relief" characters from the original Power Rangers series. Bulk is the scrotum because he's fat. Skull is skinny so he's the penis.
Teddy's short shorts revealed his bulk and skull.

He slipped while grinding and totally smashed his bulk and skull.

Careful not to get bit by fire ants on your bulk or skull.
by Sean Manning September 03, 2005
Hell O'clock is when the time is 11:34.

This is because if you flip 11:34 over it looks like "hell"

It was pretty cool to type "1134" on your calculator and turn it upside down in like first grade.
It's hell o'clock.

Meet me at the corner of Broadway and 6th at quarter to Hell.
by Sean Manning May 16, 2006
The liquid inside douche bags after it has been expelled from the vagina.
Frickin Christ this tastes like d-water.

Can you hold on Linda, I need to change my d-water.
by Sean Manning May 27, 2005
another name for an erection. It's about time for a new word for erection.
DAMN! With all these girls in the pool, I'm getting the biggest Bon Jovi ever.

I'm getting a Bon Jovi just thinkin about that girl's angel ass.
by Sean Manning June 06, 2007
slang term for sacajawea coins. They are gold and equal to one U.S. Dollar. They give a nice jingle inside of a bag. You can ask for them at your bank and they will give you them.
Alright leave a couple Sac-Js on the table for the tip.

When trying to find out what U.S. Currency best fit the circumference of his nipples, Carl concluded the Sac-J was the best choice.

Into his pants
He searched for some change
pulled out his hand
and found a Sac-J
"Hooray" he exclaimed.
A dollar in change!
How strange.
Golly, How strange.
by Sean Manning December 01, 2005
slang for the scrotum or balls
Suck my rag.

You are a rag sucker.

Ragsuckers incorporated.

I'm just pullin' your rag.
by Sean Manning May 10, 2005
When you stick your rag (balls) into a girls butthole and they get smothered with poop.
I hate chocolate covered raisins, they make my rag smell.

I made my girlfriend suck the chocolate off my rag after she gave me chocolate covered raisins.

Freddy couldn't hear cause he wasn't wearing his hearing aids, so when I told him not to stick his balls in my butt, he ended up with chocolate covered raisins.
by Sean Manning May 27, 2005

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