2 definitions by Sean Mannateeing

yet another word for an erection. This term is especiially effective while watching star wars episode III revenge of the sith because i got it from "Sith Lord"
At the sexy part of the movie, Michael got a stiff lord.
by Sean Mannateeing June 08, 2005
A level of "b's" standing for the word bitch to describe the level of how much you hate someone. The levels go from B.1-B.9. If someone is ultimately gay they are called a "C" which stands for cunt because its the most offensive word in the english language I hear.
Michsa from Wal-Mart is a B.7.

Maggie's B level was elevated to B.4 when she wouldn't suck my rag.

You're acting like a C today.
by Sean Mannateeing June 08, 2005

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