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3 definitions by Sean M

Widely known as a Sectarian club that has been under many investigations for racism and sectarianism. The clubs most controversial issue was not allowed Catholic players to play for the squad until 1988 - some 100 years after it had been established. A percentage of Rangers fans are often allowed to sing sectarian songs and chants.
"Fuck the pope"
"Up to my knees in Fenian blood"
by Sean M June 05, 2005
The only club ever to not be awarded their trophy on the pitch because the violent fans over-ran the stadium in the last 5 minutes and assaulted the opposition players.
The only club never allowed to defend their title because of their fans.
by Sean M June 05, 2005
The only cup to be awarded by FIFA - Best Fans in the world Award.

Set the world record for most fans going overseas for a football match
"80,000 fans went to Seville 2003 for UEFA Cup final - 0 arrests"
by Sean M June 05, 2005