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n proper: Protagonist of the Die Hard series and BAMF who transcends humanity.
v: To defeat the terrorists using extremely creative means.
n: Who do you think you are, John McClane?
1- to kill helicopter with building
2- to duct tape gun to your back
3- to kill a plane with a zippo lighter
4- to cross Mannhattan in a matter of minutes (truly impossible in case you've never been there)
5- to kill another helicopter with a telephone cable
6- to knock a guy out of a hilicopter with a fire hydrant
7- to kill a heicopter with a car
8- to drive through a power plant with an SUV
9- to kill an F-35 with a briefcase
10- to shoot yourself to shoot the guy right behind you
11- to do any of the above while on vacation

"I just John McClaned that dude in Halo!" (after driving a warthog into a banshee and having both explode as a result)
by Sean KF September 25, 2007
1: When one is shot in the face with a shotgun. Most commonly suicide.
2: bukkake
1: "He gave himself a shotgun facial." (In response to "How'd he die?")
2: Me an' some guys gave that bitch a shotgun facial yesterday.
by Sean KF September 25, 2007

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