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fine ass nigga slash brazilian hoe dat u hit from behind all da time but da sec ond u get her from da front u quit cuz her face is a dawg
damn girl u tip drill everthing looks good butta face
by sean john July 27, 2004
clownin on someone....or shuttin someone up
damn, how you gonna dullow me like dat?
by Sean John March 28, 2003
G-Town is the slang word represent'n for all them peeps up in Germantown, MD where we do it big n roll high. Home of the Seneca Valley Screaming Eagles n them sorry North West Jaguars. HOLLA!
Los: Yo Sean u try'n to bizzounce this weekend.
Sean: Ya for sure, where u wanna go bro.
Los: Nowhere but the best hommie, G-Town baby!
by Sean John November 23, 2003
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