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When someone or something commits an act in which no one else would do, without being worried about what people think, or thinking of the consequences after it
Person1 - I just shot him in the face, I didnt know the Gun was cocked

Person2 - that was pretty Cjazy...I mean you aimed it at the guys face and shot, not even thinking about what if the gun is cocked
by Sean Gatens June 12, 2006
A combination of the words BUKKAKE and Baptism

^That pretty much writes it's own definition but for those who are still unaware

A group of Stereotypical PaedoPriests Gather round a baby and baptise a baby but not with holy water... but there own reproductive juices, some believe this is to bring forth the AntiChrist
PaedoPriest 1 - let us bless this child... *pants*

{police burst in}

Police - Freeze!!! there will be no Bukkaptism in this church
by Sean Gatens September 19, 2007
Much Like fish hooking, the Male lyes back while the his penis is inside the females vagina/ass, then the female Lyes back against the male, and the male places 1 finger of each hand into the girls mouth and pulls her mouth open wide.
I Gave my Wife the Dentist Chair last night
by Sean Gatens May 29, 2006
Fingerbangingly is a word to be used in front of an expression such as Awesome, I first created this expression while watching the movie FEAR, in which reese witherspoon gets fingerbanged on a rollercoaster.....thus Fingerbangingly awesome was then expressed by myself
*watches the movie fear it gets to the rollercoaster part*

Person 1 - wow... fingerbanging on a rollercoaster.... when they go down it could split her in half....

Myself - yeah thats what makes it fingerbangingly awesome
by Sean Gatens November 21, 2006
TANK is short for Totally Awesome Noob Killer in the game of Halo/2, but of course if your in one, your known as a vehicle noob anyway, it is only the scorpian tank that can be givin the TANK status, as lets just face it the wraith sucks.. unless your good with it...

Player 1 - holy crap!!! he's in the Totally Awesome Noob Killer!!!

Player 2 - that means your dead cos your such a noob!!!

TANK - yeah you two keep talkin....

by Sean Gatens September 10, 2006

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