3 definitions by Sean Darkwood

The noise made by someone jamming a fork into a toaster, when things go wrong.
"Dude don't pull the toast out with the fork.."
"It's okay I'll be fi---bzzzztAAGH!"
by Sean Darkwood September 11, 2007
The shortened adjective form of a person showing qualities of both a hooligan and a bastard. USually some form of thief or person of a violent nature.
Come back here with my Chromognomes you hoolibastardistic scoundrel!
by Sean Darkwood August 24, 2007
The act of grafting new lungs onto someone who doesn't deserve them. E.g a Smoker or a hippy.
"Debbie the smoker has recieved a Fagoplasty, which is so unfair cause there's a non-smoking child who needs those lungs."
by Sean Darkwood September 02, 2007

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