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Another way of saying the day after one week exactly. Usually used by lazy individuals who don't want to waste energy saying extra words.
"When are you gonna call that girl back?" "Oh, I guess I'll do it tomorroweek."
by sean d March 26, 2005
The act of performing a snot rocket, but with a friend, usually of the opposite sex. The friend and the shooter connect open mouths, and the friend huffs and puffs a mighty breath through the nasal passages of the shooter, sending snot rockets out both the shooter's nostrils. The friend usually takes the full blast, so it's only recommended for those who have a mucus fetish.
"Did you see Tom and Jillian do the Double Barrel Snot Rocket?" "Yeah d00d! She totally got blasted in the eye!"
by sean d February 13, 2006
when a girl is fucked in her twat and is cummed in,then she is dooked up her kooch again after that the second person who fucked her has gotten "sloppy seconds"
I got sloppy seconds from the prostitue cus shes such a slut.
by sean d September 27, 2004

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