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-a term commonly used by party, wedding, barbecue or any type of event crashers that try to join a private Spanish gathering.

-"I know Jose" is used because it is very effective & believable since damn near every Spanish family has somebody named Jose in their familia.

-Used by the event crasher when faced with questions to see if they really were invited or if they are just free loading.

-If continuing questions are asked as to how do you know Jose, describe how you met him at a
1- Bodega (if in NY)
2- he sold you icys on the beach (if in Fl),
3- in jail (if in Cali)
4- he sold you weed (if in Chicago)
5- or he did some yard work for you (for everywhere else).
John Dope - Hey nice party huh?

Old Lady - Excuse me for being rude but who are you & who invited you?

John Dope - Its cool. I know how strangers like to crash parties & stuff. Dont worry Im not one of them, cuz I KNOW JOSE

Old Lady - Really? Ive heard that one before

John Dope - No really, I know Jose. He sold me that good sticky icky weed. It gave me the munchies for days.

Old Lady - Thats my Jose, I cant front. He has some good weed.
by Sean C. A.K.A. Ladies Holla April 24, 2008

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