323 definitions by Sean

a half white half balck person
"a halfkast"
"wat r u?"
"im afakasi"
by sean September 20, 2003
Dae is the g0d of l33t, and he ownz Zigg(y) and Squeek
Zigg and Squeek praise DAE
by Sean June 09, 2003
A prostitute. Deragatory.
That slut is a real Puerto Rican Princess.
by Sean June 12, 2006
The opposite of an base: an acid.
Hyrdochloric acid is not a base, therefore it is a debaser.
by Sean March 12, 2004
Basically a ghetto doctor, backin his boys up if they get into a gunfight or whatever. Listen to the song by Ice Cube if you want to know a lil more.
Damn, where's the ghetto vet?
by Sean May 01, 2003
Happy; in a good mood
After finding out I aced the test, I was feeling very uppity.
by Sean January 25, 2005
A surpeme, almighty deity whom you can laugh at all you want right now. But when you die and go to Hell, you're gonna feel pretty fucking stupid.
Dude, God can go fuck himself in the ass!
30 years later
Oh God! Please don't let me die! I don't wanna go to hell!
by Sean August 26, 2004

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