323 definitions by Sean

1. to embarass someone publicly

2. to have sex, then pull out and give the man juice via face
I was walking on the street and i saw this hot bitch so i proceeded to give her a moneyshot.

I woke up early so i had enough time to give one of my many bitches a slimy money shot (via face)

good good
by Sean September 28, 2004
cum on face
I will cum on your face
by sean November 29, 2003
Meaning 'rocket nipple'. When a girl is cold/wet/horny and you can see the outline of her hard nipples protruding from her shirt.
yo dawg get your fly ass on over hizzle and check out the RN on that brod. Dont you want to squizzle that bro? its mint.
by Sean April 14, 2004
the other of the rap duo ICP, accompanied by SHAGGY 2 DOPE
by Sean September 18, 2003
A prostitute. Deragatory.
That slut is a real Puerto Rican Princess.
by Sean June 12, 2006
Current bad featuring former members of popular 90's band sublime!
The shortbus show was great, but they could've played more sublime songs!
by sean April 05, 2005
a half white half balck person
"a halfkast"
"wat r u?"
"im afakasi"
by sean September 20, 2003
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