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stupid retarded 13 year old nigger who sucks on penis of sP drew's
knabs, your terrible
by Sean February 07, 2005
short for "que es?" in spanish.
it originates from a '90s/00's spanish television network called Telemundo.

it was basically a spanish seasame street. in one skit, a giant monster would show a common item such as a glass of milk and then ask the contestants, "que es?"

this became so gay after repeated viewings that it has been abbreviated to a more phonetic english spelling of simply, 'KS'.

when someone says something really stupid or ask a totally befuddling question, it would be appropriate for a response of a long drawn out, "K......S?"
Mike: Can you please pass me that from him. It's right over there by that thing. I want to take this and place it on top of that.
Sean: KS?
by Sean May 08, 2003
another sport invented by the white man that continually makes the white man look bad
that white boy looks terrible on the court
by sean January 13, 2005
When you fuck a person that has crabs in the water.
"Last night you scuba fucked a girl."
by sean March 21, 2003
a knock off of captain morgan
i had to get me some admiral nelson because i only had 10 bones
by sean January 13, 2005
a cute darling of a boy, mainly Nick!
oh my darlin pookie nick!
by Sean January 15, 2004
one who is a bit of a dude
"catch you on the flipside, dudemeister
by sean September 22, 2003

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