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A rather large trailer park located in South Jersey where hicks, slutty 13 year old girls, wiggers and emo biker fags roam the parking lots of McDonalds, Wendy's and Primo Water Ice. The people of Township are rumored to eat their cereal with Keystone Light instead of your typical bowl of milk. To Township youth, every town surrounding their 2.8 square mile trash pit they call home, is inferior, especially Haddonfield because "they dun be sum rich arseholes and therefour is a bunch of fags, yeehaw tawnsheip!"

Township is basically fail.
Average Human being - "Hello. Where are you from?"

Haddon Township Resident - "TAAAWNHEIP! yeehaw!" (takes swig from flask of whiskey)
by Seamore Jugs May 06, 2009

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