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A Southern camp in North Carolina where only the coolest girls go.They're sweet girls, yet they're adventurous and crazy- shaving cream fights, hardcore sailing,spirit and screaming,and not to mention their boys camp across the Neuse-(See Camp Sea Gull)where the absolute hottest guys are. THE BEST CAMP OF ALL THATS RIGHT UH HUH OH YEAH!!
Seafarer Girl 1:He was a big tall man he was a DESPERADO


Seafarer Girl 2: P-A-R-T-Y its party time with SEAGULL GUYS..Paaaaarty..don't let Cille know..PAAAARTY...cause she wont let you go


Seafarer Girl 3: RIISE AND SHINE...

*Odd silence*
by SeafarerChick1234 March 05, 2005
The hottest southern boys in the entire world. All week, they walk around the camp working hard and earning ranks, also in anticipation of going to the "cage" for a dance at their sister camp,Camp Seafarer.
These Guys:
1) Are known for their popped collars,Sea Gull Belts,and Rainbows
2)High Achievers
3)Good Sailors
4)Amazing Dancers
5)Sweet 'n Southern
6)Used to getting piles of mail from random Seafarer cabins
7)Really hott
Sea Gull Guy 1: So, dude, dance Saturday.
Sea Gull Guy 2: Yeah man Ive been practicing my shagging moves..
by SeafarerChick1234 March 05, 2005

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