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This phrase was coined and publicized by the once cool punk band Green Day. Though it is often thought of as the "all-american" republican, it was really given a new meaning by all the followers of the song. Now, the term is more fitting to those who think that Green Day stuck up to "the man" when recording this CD, although they became extremely commercialized, and ultimately conformed to the capatalist society they were singing against. If you don't realize this, and you love the album, you're an american idiot.
So the other day, these hella conservative rednecks came up to my car and wanted to tell me how bringing a republican back into presidency would help us find jesus, so I just cranked up my American Idiot CD in their face and sped off.

Dude, YOU are the American Idiot
by SeaGirl August 31, 2008

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