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Quite possibly the greatest and most influential band ever. Their existence more or less led to punk. After their first albulm, Pet Sounds (Which is probably their best), they went with more of a surf rock sounds, but remained awesome for a long time.
Tool - "Broheim, did you hear the new Chumbawumba albulm?"

God - "No, they stopped being good after they started trying to suck"

Tool - "That's cool, did you hear about this new band, the Beach Boys?"

God - "No, are they any good?"

Tool - "They're pretty gnarly bro, I just wish they had more than one albulm out."

God - "They have several, and the new one isn't that good, however everything they did was beyond amazing. So you can go jerk off to the new Bjork albulm, you powertool."

Tool - "What's a powertool?"
by Sea Foam Green October 14, 2004

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