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A town in which everything and everyone are judged and once you are you live with it until you leave high school. About 90% of the kids living in Yorktown Heights are Wiggers, Albanians, or Italians, claiming to have moved to Y.H. from various "hoods". The rising of "Goths" is also beginning to take notice in Yorktown Heights. Unfortunately, Yorktown Heights isn't very tolerant of other ethnicities, races, religions, or orientations. Like I stated earlier, society in Yorktown Heights will judge you for every little thing you do, so watch your back. Contrary to popular belief, Yorktown Heights isn't filled to the brim with snobby, rich, greedy assholes. Y.H. is in Westchester County, yes, but there are poor parts of Yorktown Heights, too, just like any other area in the U.S. There is a high level of police presence and there are many drug related and violence related crimes that are committed in Yorktown Heights. On a separate note, Yorktown Heights has sweet Lacrosse, Football, and Baseball teams that have won and are still winning multiple New York State Championships, just look at our High School Gymnasium!
Wigger - Hey yo dawg ju wanna go dewntewn to dat firamens canival in Yorktown Heights gangsta?!?!?

Normal Guy - What the hell are you saying man?!

Wigger - Nah nah man im down wit da set up in dis mothafucka man!!!

Normal Guy - OK see ya dude...
by Señor Sweet Beatz July 10, 2008
Named after Henry Hudson, discoverer of the radioactive river splitting Jersey and Manhattan. If you want to get radiation, you swim in the Hudson. Maybe you will additionally find scrap metal or a car in the Hudson River. Probably because of 3-Mile Island being in the middle of the damn river! 3-Mile Island is a closed down radioactive island, similar to Indian Point. More up North, however, makes nice whitewater rafting.
Guy #1 - Yo dude do you wanna swim in the Hudson River with me?

Guy #2 - Nah dude, I'm not suicidal!
by Señor Sweet Beatz July 28, 2008

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