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Similar to an After Grog Bog, a nugget dump occurs when a person orders and consumes 20 McNuggets, usually on a midnight maccas run, and then proceeds to shit out almost everything consumed in the last 24 hours the next morning.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen Callum recently?
Person 2: He's taking a nugget dump, poor guy ordered 20 McNuggets and nobody stopped him.
by Scythas February 28, 2010
The act of one person interrupting another during a story told to a group, so as to let others know that they were present for the event, or in an attempt to steal the glory of telling a good story. This may happen at any time during the introduction, setup or punchline phases of storytelling.
"So anyway, we're sitting there, and this kid was passed out, and there was this plate-"
"Oh I was there for this, we threw pies at him remember! I was there for that!"
".....why you gotta storyjack me, man"
by Scythas April 27, 2010

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