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A life os senseless violence and self-destruction.
If you want to live a hard thug life, something is wrong with you.
by Scyfersythe December 28, 2007
Shorts so baggy, they look like short pants, the kind you would wear if a flood ever came to town. Usually sported by cholos/gangsters/white boys living in the hills.
*Yawns and wipes out eye-boogers* Today, I feeel extra cholo. Besides my XXXXXXXXLLL plain white tee, bandanda, and new tatoo of my name placed on the back of my neck, I think I'm going to show off my new flood pants to the homies and hynas.
by Scyfersythe February 17, 2008
Some dickwads who apparently can rule what is metal and what isn't. They turn up their speakers and play their supposedly epic music, thinking that a ten on the volume is the most metal thing in the world.
ManOwaR is so metal. DId you see their speakers. It was on ten! Metal!
by Scyfersythe December 28, 2007
The act of a man enduring non-sexual activity, in hopes of his girlfriend putting out, nly to have 99.99999999999999999% of the time,she decides to go do something else.
I just got done cuddling. Sucked ass. Not a nipple i sight.
by Scyfersythe October 07, 2007

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