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4 definitions by Scummable Thurgood

A girl with glasses gives head; the guy busts on each lens; the girl proceeds to wipe the semen off of her glasses in order to see by using her index finger to remove the vision imparing swimmers.
Girls with glasses are great; I love giving them the wipers.
by Scummable Thurgood March 31, 2005
A great ass. Used as code when around mixed company since it isn't obvious and not in common usage.

Excellent sombrero to your right.
by Scummable Thurgood April 04, 2005
Similar to a Dirty Sanchez, except the entire jaw, chin, and upper neck area is covered with fecal matter as well as the standard upper lip.
After giving her the chili dog I smeared her with a bluebeard.
by Scummable Thurgood April 04, 2005
Defecating into a girl's vagina before vaginal intercourse.
That bitch was so dry I had to give her the enchilada so it wouldn't chaffe.
by Scummable Thurgood April 04, 2005