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4 definitions by Scuba

A verb indicating that you are currently working your shift at convergys.
Steve called and asked Lance if he wanted to come chill and smoke. Lance replied, "Sorry man, I'm converging right now"
by scuba February 12, 2005
2 10
bald headed steriod freak, always talking about pussy and not getting any...constantly referring to chicks that want a little something he likes to call....the Dick!
You know you didn't fuck her, stop lying, you are such a Z-man!
by scuba January 24, 2004
30 51
Fondly named after one infamous french-canadian, changing the order of rotation during a session by passing the piece in the incorrect direction.
Hoover grimaced as he realized his egregious error of passing the dutchie an the right hand side, fulfilling his first error of a canadian change-up
by Scuba October 06, 2003
4 30
having sex without taking off your converse all star chuck taylors
i couldn't get my chucks off so I gave her a chuck taylor
by scuba March 29, 2005
67 116