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A group of Horrorcore rap artists from detroit, MI ... i could go on for some more detail but they say fuck the main stream and thats what yall are... hate it or love it , juggalos will always be here mutha fackos.
ICP is that wicked shit,,,,

ya... cant get much more wicked than that.
insane clown posse hurt eminems feelins cuz that whack son of a ***** aint real!
by ScruffytheJuggalo April 18, 2010
ME, ima mutha fuckin juggalo! and i love the hate being spread here! give me some thumbs downs , because im glad to know we get under your skin enough to make you read this and hate on us!!!! Woot mutha fuckin Woot! go put on some eminem, since he was a juggalo at one point in his life!!!!
these nuts are a good example.

What is a juggalo? a dead body, well he aint really dead but he aint like anyone you ever met before! he'll eat monpoly and shit out connect 4!
by ScruffytheJuggalo April 18, 2010

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