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Put It In My Butt.

The M for My is interchangable with other pronouns.

ie: PIIYB- Put It In Your Butt

PIIHB- Put It In Her Butt

PIIHB- Put It In His Butt

PIITB- Put It In Their Butt
1. "Hey Matt, can I PIIYB?"

2. "Katy, wanna PIIMB?"

3. "I love them, I am going to PIITB"
by Scrottie Rot September 02, 2009
Bend Over Here It Comes

Often followed by WNL (With No Lube)
Vic: "Hey Scrottie, Boston plays the Yankees today."
Scrottie: "Yeah well Boston better BOHIC..WNL"
by Scrottie Rot September 02, 2009
Scrot Rot Crew.

A group of close friends who share a bond around Scrot Rot.

Sometimes it is also known as MHC (Most Hated Crew)
I love the SRC, I don't know what I would do without you guys!
by Scrottie Rot September 02, 2009
Masturbating, self pleasure, rubbin' one out, jerk n' squirt.
Hey Vic, how did you fall asleep while fapping?

Hey Vic, how many times a day do you fap?

Vic, you are the queen fapper.
by Scrottie Rot August 31, 2009

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