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Although they are usually just refered to as Emo Kids, Emotrance Kids do not listen to Emo Music. They seem to have the same dyed black made-to-look rough hair, depressingly thin figure, and oh-look-at-me-i'm-so-helpless attitude, but obviously don't relate to any of the homo Emo bands that regular Emo kids listen to. They choose crappy whiny ambient trance music, which often has lyrics which mean nothing, but somehow relate to the supposed pain they are feeling. Often seen wondering aimlessly through a local park in the early morning with a set of headphones on.

They worship such DJ's as Lange, Above and Beyond, AyuTrance (Ayumi Hamasaki), and Matt Darey.

Apparently formed from the aftermath of the mid 90's rave scene.
EmoTrance Kid: I'll take this copy of Ayumi Hamasaki's Daybreak, thanks
Clerk: Would you like a free razor blade with that?

Person: You're so emo
EmoTrance Kid: No i'm not, i'm not emo at all *cut cut*
by Scribblesxox March 22, 2006

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