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2 definitions by Screwed Citizen

Financial Al-Qaeda:
According to legendary investor and great philanthrophist Warren Buffet, Derivatives are Weapons of Mass Destruction. Goldman Sachs is the organization that has perfected the art of using these Financial WMDs to screw the common and worldwide economy to the best of their advantage, just like Al-Qaeda wants to use WMDs for theirs.
While the unemployment rate in usa exceeded 10% the executives at Goldman Sachs were busy giving themselves billions in dollars of bonuses out of taxpayers money.
by Screwed Citizen April 29, 2010
Goldman's Own Party
GOP: A Party off the Wall Street, by the Wall Street and for the Wall Street. Hell bent on blocking the Financial Regulation so that the fraudsters at Goldman and other Wall Street banks can further rob the common people.
by Screwed Citizen April 29, 2010