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1. Something like a "folder" with different compartments for every subject in school. So you can sort and archive your stuff from school in a "trapper keeper". Sometimes the trapper keeper has many more features, like cartman's trapper keeper: "Yeah well, its got ten different compartments for every subject in school, electronic pencil sharpener, four plastic bags with electronic zippers, copy machine, fax, a better picture of Dawson's Creek on the back than Kyle's, flat screen TV, and of course OnStar."

2. Cartman got a Dawson's Creek Trapper Keeper (Ultra Keeper Futura S2000). This trapper keeper is evil and will take over the whole world.
This trapper keeper is fuckin' gay.

"Oh, but you have a Trapper Keeper. Oh, you got the little crapper keeper didn't you? But at least your stupid brother got a briefcase"

This trapper keeper will take over the whole world
by Screw you guys! January 06, 2004

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