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3 definitions by Screech456

To commit the act of pressing ones face into the chestal region of a female, between the breasts, while shaking ones head vigorously reciting the phrase "Yubidyubidy".
It is said fast and may deviate from the lingual structure presented.(YUB-IH-Dee-YUB-IH-Dee)
1. "Chris an' me went to the strip club last night, so outta nowhere Chris gave one of the strippers a Yubidyubidy! that fucker almost got slapped!"
by Screech456 April 11, 2006
A females breasts
1."Ay yo Bobbo, check out that chicks Goodiebags!"

2."I would totally Yubidyubidy that set of goodiebags, no doubt."
by Screech456 April 11, 2006
Smashed, defective, damaged, ugly, or broken, as in an object or person.
1."I cant play with this yoyo, its busted frootloops!"

2."Yo Andy, check out that girlies Goodiebags , too bad her face is BUSTED FROOTLOOPS!"
by Screech456 April 11, 2006