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4 definitions by Scraphê

Noun. A reference to the band MGMT and Christmas trees. In order to create an MGMTree, one must take a white artificial Christmas tree, paint it neon colors, use black lights and strobe lights for the lights, and glowsticks for ornaments. One must play either MGMT or other techno music when the tree is turned on.
We're making an MGMTree this year.
by Scraphê December 19, 2009
35 6
Noun. A fusion of the words boner and manequinn, meaning a manequinn (usually in a wide, open, busy, and public store such as Macy's), whom is modeling tight clothes or underwear, has received a penis-shaped object (usually found in the store itself) in its pants or underwear, creating the illusion that the manequinn has a boner. Ultilized best when choosing an easily-visible manequinn in the busiest part of the store.
Tonight fredrick, marshall, betty and I are going to create some bonequinns in DICK's Sporting Goods.
by Scraphê December 19, 2009
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To spread any kind of joy (euphoria, Christmas cheer, etc.) in any way as long as boners are involved in the process.
Tonight we're going to spread some boner-joy down at DICK's Sporting Goods by making a Bonequinn.
by Scraphê December 19, 2009
4 1
When someone has Christmas lights in quantity, but not quality. Lights of all sorts are often just thrown onto the lawn, and chain lights are usually still un-strung. Lights are usually in full view, but are never turned on, especially at night.
We went to go look at all the Christmas lights last night... most people on this town have Johnny Lights.
by Scraphê December 20, 2009
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