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An acronym that stands for Perfectly Excellent Eating Pussy and refers to a vagina that is preferred above all others, even forgoing intercourse, for cunnilingus.
Did you hit Brittany's fine ass last night?

No, man. When I got them drawers off, she had a P.E.E.P.


Yep. Ate that bitch for like five hours.
by ScrapIronJaw November 09, 2010
Mentioned in the Woodbox Gang's 2009 release "White Trash Voodoo" in the song "Eat, Drink, & Be Dead," a manly margarita consists of blood, semen, and tequila. While preparation and presentation is a mystery it is theorized that all elements are combined in a blender and served immediately in a traditional margarita glass. Salt is optional.
Eat, Drink, & Be Dead" lyrics include, "I sold my blood and semen for a bottle of tequila. If you'd mix them all together that's a manly margarita!
by ScrapIronJaw November 13, 2010
An unsuccessful and impoverished male prostitute.
I wouldn't give that raggedy android a quarter to suck my dick.
by ScrapIronJaw November 07, 2010
A nickname given to bats or clubs that have been modified with nails, spikes, bullet-point arrowheads, etc., to amplify the damage inflicted. Named so for the thumping noise it makes when it hits a target.
That crackhead took four good whacks from Thumpy before he stopped begging for change.
by ScrapIronJaw November 06, 2010
Akin to grease monkey, it is used to primarily describe auto mechanics that specialize in routine maintenance, especially oil changes. Like grease monkey is can be used as both a derisive comment or to show camaraderie.
That damn oil ape doesn't know what kind of oil filter fits a 2007 Nissan Altima.

THAT was the worst customer my fellow oils apes and I have EVER had to endure. I'm glad I pissed in her oil filter...
by ScrapIronJaw November 12, 2010
1960s+ (US gay) Fellatio followed by beating up of the fellator.
I heard you let Barry suck you off.

Yeah, but it's okay. I went army style on him afterwords.

Well, that's what he gets for sucking dick, right?
by ScrapIronJaw November 09, 2010
A situation that arises when a friend on Facebook (with whom you have been previously romantically involved) likes something you have posted resulting in raising the ire of the person with whom you are currently romantically involved.
The following is an example of what a woman suffering from like dislike might say:

Woman- I really wish that you would unfriend Danielle. She just liked your Facebook status only because she's trying to get you back.

Man- Stop being paranoid, get off that computer, and back in the kitchen.
by ScrapIronJaw December 22, 2011

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