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A phrase to describe a moment which you strongly disagree with, doubt, or dislike. Usually used by African Americans and said in a higher-than-normal yelling voice.
Person 1:" Wayne said he walked in on your girl Trina gettin' some from DeMarcus."

Person 2: Ah Hail Naw! Imma call her up right now.

Person 1: Ah hail naw!

Person 2: What?

Person1: Chris Paul just nailed a jumper right over my man Kobe!
by Scotty Scott June 21, 2010
A place or object which is very important and makes you use methods to protect it.
Yo mans, get away from my car man, it's my new fortress.

Hey don't u be coming up in my fortress eating chips while my baby's mama there!
by Scotty Scott June 14, 2010

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