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a guitar solo that kills its listener because of its high quality
that blues in A-flat 7 was widow makin
by scotty c March 02, 2005
a guitar solo so good that it kills its listener.

see also 'widow makin'
Oh shit, trey is fuckin diggin graves.
by scotty c March 02, 2005
a bowl that is so beat the ash is all white.
Why did you pass the mofuckin bowl of salt at me?
by scotty c March 04, 2005
A beat bowl, as in cashed, like cashus clay
Dont pass me that ali'ed bowl
by scotty c March 04, 2005
1. Taking a massive shit only to realize that there is no toilet paper in sight and nobody to bring it to you

2. The feeling that a nice, godzilla-like shit is coming only to drop an m&m size shit
I'm was shittin disappointed, I was alone in the middle of the woods taking a massive shit and there was no toilet paper.
by Scotty C May 14, 2016
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