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place where people party, listen to music, hang out and post.

cfm has a chat room where u can chat and hang out.
" i am on cfm all night"

"cfm music kicks ass!"
by scotty April 02, 2005
THe motherfucking bastards who get payed for our hard graft, who spend their own time shagging each other while doing fuck all and wondering what work is.
That big earred incestuos fucking kraut.
Also known as Prince charles
by SCOTTY May 14, 2003
A weak foe dismembered after a strenuous fight with Eternal Ferret. We all mourn this Loss. HAHA SUCKERS!!
"Clock spider, shmock shmider. The Eternal Ferret just whoped his ass good!"
by Scotty February 07, 2004
A woman from Europe. Distinguishing characteristics: white chick who doesn't shave her pits or legs and takes a shower once a week because she mistakenly thinks fermenting body funk is sexy.
I threw up on my sheets when the Eurobitch asked me to eat her out. Her pussy smelled exactly like her ass.
by Scotty February 17, 2004
a place suitable for the thing occupying it
my dick found its niche up her ass
by Scotty October 09, 2003
The Eternal Ferret is the most Powerful being in the Universe as we know it. This small, weasle like vermin has been around since the creation of Time. He has mystical powers that aurate from his shrill shreak. Many foes have tried to "Fade" him, none were successful at all. Such weak foes include limecat, Mertz,clock spider, and even the mighty cow. He is currently residing in Okanawa, Japan where he commands his army of chinchilas and ferrets.
"OMG! That F***ing ferret just ate that freakin cat... and his little hat too. WTF!?!?"
by Scotty February 07, 2004
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