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person with a HUGE Ass hole that can take a fist with ease. a car with pleasure. a truck with effort, and an elephant dick with pride.
mmmm baby ur ass is just like an assholeo Yo!
by Scotty March 10, 2005
1. A Carissafied Interjection that shows great suprise.

2. An acronym for Oh My Toe!
"OMT! are you phrenirious?"
by Scotty February 06, 2004
a common occurance in england a "charva"can be found loitering around street corners, bus stops shops, wasteland, basically anywhere. ALL charvers wear luminous colours best shown off in the form of a berghaus or sprayway survival and ski jackets, they have alot of sports gear,from decent brands such as nike and adidas to lower budget goods such as kappa(not so popular now and le coq sportif. latest addition to urban "charva" wear are the daft looking and highly priced rockport series of footwear (and also jackets)costing up to £160, just to wreck with hot rocks from the many lambert and butlers. sovereign rings and O.T.T amounts of GOLD jewellry also found on the necks and fingers of charvs.
just look around any british town or city, this new breed are expanding in a big way! watch out bolly weaver like hew!
by scotty February 16, 2003
a Carissafied word which means: To laugh out loud.
"LOLLY! You take everything to the extreme of funny!."
by Scotty February 06, 2004
Someone who ends up broke, after marrying a gold-digger.
Ha ha ha ha! She's spent all his money in six months! What a muggins!
by Scotty April 06, 2003
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