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A phrase that Mr. Lindsay uses constantly which has no meaning other than to sound cool. It is also used to pump up students... but it works for neither. One theory is that it means to "Give Praise to Jay County's School Colors, Red and Blue".
"Alright we're here on Jay Today Rockin' the Red and Blue. We're really pumped, We got a Diver goign to regionals and we got the Girls basketball team going on to sectonals. We're just Rockin the Red and Blue over here. oh yeah!"
by Scotty February 14, 2004
1. n. The period of time when you get a stiffy.
Look what time it is, it's boner tyme
by Scotty November 22, 2003
The great patron saint of anus once said: lolanus
"So, my girlfriend left me and I think I want to kill myself"

by scotty September 22, 2004
i looked da word up and it also means pot, weed, ganja and other such drugs
that was some good shibby
by scotty February 19, 2004
n. A fruity person so fruity that their a vegtable.

adj. The abilty of an object or person to be so fruity that they can be a vegetable.
n.-"You see that Short little guy named MAtt over there? He is a fruitabolicious."

adj.- "You see that Short little guy named MAtt over there? He is soo Fruitabolicious."
by Scotty February 06, 2004
a girl that looks like halle berry and loves to feel scotty
she can feel me
by Scotty March 26, 2003
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