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A wild lurker that can often be seen lurking about to Clay Aiken music. Has an extreme fondness of the D.
"Oy! There's a wild Bwidguhd ova there in the brush! Watch out for your D's!"
by Scotty April 17, 2004
adj- describing a foxxy short chick
"Man, check out that girl by the table... She is shortOlicious
by Scotty February 06, 2004
1. The act of having an oral fixation for the wang
2. Some one fiendin for the cock
John is such an oral fixator
by Scotty November 22, 2003
A liar.

Stop by #version2 and show him your disapproval.
Viiraxe: "regestry is the new english dictionary version of registry."
by scoTTy July 08, 2004
a AWESOME brissy christian band consisting of 5 greatly tanented musicians. a metal band with a vocalist (matt) who has 1 of the coolest growls ive ever heard. totally tear up the stage with their kickass music and all their hardcore fans/friends tearin up the moshpit with heavy movements to the music. 1 of my favourite bands to this moment. they play at music festivals in australia such as sonfest and Australian Gospel Music Festival. met the singer playing die humpty die, and hes real cool to talk to.
did u see slain of myself at AGMF? they got the biggest crowd out of all the metal bands. WAAHOO THEY ROCK!!
by scotty April 25, 2004
adj- describes a sexy slut
"There's this girl I know, and boy is she tapdatassable!"
by Scotty February 06, 2004
A phrase that Mr. Lindsay uses constantly which has no meaning other than to sound cool. It is also used to pump up students... but it works for neither. One theory is that it means to "Give Praise to Jay County's School Colors, Red and Blue".
"Alright we're here on Jay Today Rockin' the Red and Blue. We're really pumped, We got a Diver goign to regionals and we got the Girls basketball team going on to sectonals. We're just Rockin the Red and Blue over here. oh yeah!"
by Scotty February 14, 2004

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