62 definitions by Scotty

multi millionaire who is also a geek/nerd
Bill Gates is a total millionerd
by Scotty October 09, 2003
A Carissfied word meanind "for serious".
"OMT! Are you phrenirious?"
by Scotty February 06, 2004
n. Good, a very good thing.
I'm a flamigoish!
by Scotty February 06, 2004
Having a sexual affair with klenex brand tissue.
by Scotty May 21, 2003
Originated from the greek word dumpster chew. Items found in the garbage which are chewed like gum.
I found a syringe in the trash and used it for garbage gum.

That garbage gum I found tastes bland.
by Scotty November 30, 2004
the hottest/bustiest/fuckin coolest librarian in the god damn universe and we love you
dude when piersma put her hair down was it wrong of me to want to pull up to that bumper and smack that monkey.
by scotty May 19, 2004
A wild lurker that can often be seen lurking about to Clay Aiken music. Has an extreme fondness of the D.
"Oy! There's a wild Bwidguhd ova there in the brush! Watch out for your D's!"
by Scotty April 17, 2004

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