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a hot girl
by Scotty August 09, 2003
Used as onomatopoeia to discribe the motion of sexual intercourse. Or to say you would like to have sex with someone. Usually used in conjunction with a thrusting motion of the pelvis. Most commonly used in New Zealand after featuring on a local cartoon series.
"I took her home for a little 'peow peow.'
by Scotty February 11, 2005
A person who fucks a dead animal up the ass and sucks the cum out. One of the most disgusting things a person could imagine or do.
The beastial necrofelcher was suddenly aroused as he ran over his neighbor's cat.
by Scotty February 16, 2004
To stick one or two fingers 3 if the hole calls for it, into a females vaginal opening
dude i "Finger' fucked your mom
by Scotty March 26, 2004
A close friend
Yo G, sup?
by scotty July 01, 2003
1)It is a person that is below the normal status and loves to where tight jeans. Generally they drive older commodores.
2)Port Power supporter
"check out that bogon's mullet."
"dam, those bogon's shouldn't get so upset over loosing again."
by Scotty April 14, 2005
A pig in knickers; a very ugly woman.
Jeezus! What a pig! Talk about Fat Slag Jill!
by Scotty April 06, 2003

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