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Sadly its a group of girls who wish they were as badass as ice hockey (or the real hockey, I thought that I should specify to avoid confusion)players so they grab half a stick put on some preppy uniforms and run around in a field chasing butterflys. Then later say that its just as good if not better then hockey (ice). Which well everyone knows is just a joke (hahahalololololhaharofl).
Girl: Dude were you at the field hockey game last night we totally killed our rivals

Guy: No I went to the Hockey game

Girl: Yeah thats what I'm talking about the field hockey game

Guy: No Ice Hockey, the real hockey

Girl: Oh

Guy: Yeah it's so much better the players actually carry real sticks

Girl: but.... well.... umm... i guess your right

Guy: yeah I no I am, hey do you want to go to the dance with me?

Girl: Oh, um I'm a lesbian

Guy: Oh that sucks, but its kinda hot...

by Scottie the great March 07, 2009

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