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When a cunt is spotted in your vicinity.

Hand in the air, shout "Boys, boys/lads lads, we have a cunt alert"
Bektas: Mate, you seen this cunt?

Scott: Mate, I think we have a cunt alert
Billy: Cunt ALERT!
Altogether: *hands raised* "CUNTTT ALLEEEERRRTTTT"
by ScotteYx February 13, 2013
Ensure, yorkshireness is activated on pronunciation.


When one dances, crazily in a club.
Bektas: Mate, fancy a mid-week boogie?
Scott: Mate, we can't rule it out.
Billy: *Hand in the air* BOOOOO-GIE!
by ScotteYx February 13, 2013
the complete and utter fucking opposite of hilarious.
Billy: mate, why don't you just fuck a pig

Scott: mate, that was anti-hilarious.. cunt.
by ScotteYx February 13, 2013

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