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1. An overzealous doucher with a knack for almost nothing in life. Blake can be found at your local beach pretending to surf and giving random guys "the nod." In his free time he loves to read books and watch pornographic films that contain only male characters. Also has MILF-like mother who loves to give his friends dirty looks and wear scantily clad clothing in their presence. Blake's nickname (Blakeus Arealius) is also oxymoronic as he is rated one of the most unreal people alive. May also be diagnosed with a slight degree of down-syndrome.

2. See also Douche Bag

Synonyms: Tool, Ass, Homo

Antonyms: Chill, Scott, Super
Kelsey: My boyfriend Blake is so cool!!
Megan: Oh thats your boyfriend? I thought you were just getting some community service hours?
Blake: Blawoahahuag!!!!
#blake #douche #non-cool #homo #homosexual #bad #lame #bag
by ScottWho? November 20, 2009
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