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A woman, usually one who lives in an upstairs apartment with hardwood floors, who walks around constantly in high heels, especially when getting ready in the morning. Men can be clicksessive, especially those who wear Italian dress shoes and cowboy boots, but the clicksessive personality and behavior is usually found in a woman.
The clicksessive woman above me walked around in stiletto boots for three hours back and forth. When I complained, she told me I was erotically fascinated with her footwear.
by ScottGr September 03, 2006
The crabby old woman on the block who yells at the kids for making too much noise, calls the police at the slightest provocation, and looks out of her window stealthily to spy on the neighbors' activities. Her tone of voice encompasses the range from a raspy mumble to a barked "Eh!" when she is crabby, her dominant mood.
That saha down the street called the police again because my grandson's balloon popped outside.
by Scottgr October 03, 2006

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